This TLX concept is all about the "bank vault" interior, which makes sense now, because you can't actually open the doors and look inside of it. What is with this bullshit of Acura not showing off prototype interiors? The NSX concept didn't have an interior either. Did they run out of time? Did they run out of… » 1/14/14 1:47pm 1/14/14 1:47pm

Hopefully it doesn't take as long as the FRS did to come to fruition. We saw no less than 5 concepts before we got the actual production FRS. I mean, c'mon Toyota, (and Mazda, ahem, where's the RX7??) by the time this thing comes out, your demographic will be buying Sienna's (but probably not because the Odyssey is… » 1/09/14 3:07pm 1/09/14 3:07pm

Not really a valid argument at all. You're comparing the base-price of 4 entry-level german/american cars. The base model cars you mentioned won't smoke the Genesis for the same price point. They won't have the nearly the roominess or the features that the Hyundai does. Your whole argument is pointless IMO,… » 1/09/14 11:56am 1/09/14 11:56am

Have you been in one? The IS has one of the nicest interiors of its class. The materials, fit and finish, feedback, ergonomics and comfort are all top notch. Maybe I'm not seeing what you're seeing because I've sat in and driven a few and that changes my perception. But no, it does not look plasticky to me and it… » 1/08/14 11:56am 1/08/14 11:56am